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Hey Y’all, I’m Anna.

Thanks for stopping by! I am your certified coach and resource for all things Enneagram in the Memphis, Tennessee area. (My services can also be used virtually so you don’t have to be a Memphian to meet with me.)  I love coming alongside people to help them understand the Enneagram and apply it to gain a deeper awareness of themselves, what makes them tick, and their unique place in life, work, and relationships.

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Bill, Individual coaching client

“Even after reading a couple of books on the Enneagram, I felt like I needed some personalized discussion around my type and how to best use my natural gifts (and mitigate natural weaknesses). Anna helped me understand some opportunities and challenges in ways that the books hadn't. Learning to be the healthiest version of myself has made me a better team builder and team player, as well as a better husband, father, and friend.”

Nathaniel, couples coaching client

“Working with Anna has helped me better understand what it can look like to be a healthy version of my personality type and what to watch for in the unhealthy version. This has helped tremendously as a husband, father, friend, and employee. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to be a healthier version of their personality type.”

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