• Does your team have consistent communication issues?

  • Do you find that you have a hard time getting along with certain members of your team?

  • Does it seem to you that some of your employees have a “knack” for stirring up conflict?

  • As an employee, do you feel that your boss doesn’t understand where you’re coming from?

  • Overall, do you feel that there are ways that your team could work together better?

Whenever you bring people together of different ages, backgrounds, and personalities, there are challenges, but work environments can be especially tricky. The Enneagram provides a powerful framework for improving company dynamics, productivity, and teamwork.

When we better understand ourselves, we can overcome defeating tendencies, capitalize on our abilities, and fulfill our life’s purpose and professional calling. Having a deeper insight into our co-workers, managers, and teammates can help us better play to our strengths, do more meaningful work, and effectively carry out our organizations’ vision and values.

If you are interested in using the framework of the Enneagram in your workplace, I can be your guide. I offer seminars, workshops, and team coaching to help small and large groups rise to their potential, better communicate, problem solve, and fulfill the organization’s mission.

Team Workshop and Coaching Packages Available

Prices range from $500 - $3,000

Contact Anna to figure out which package best fits your teams’ needs.

What Others Say

Robbie, Business Coaching Client

“Having Anna help our business uncover our Enneagram numbers has deepened our connection to our team and them to us. By better understanding each other, the Enneagram is giving us real tools and language to use when approaching each other. This is helping us live into our purpose more authentically.”

Lindy, Business Coaching Client

“The Enneagram has opened my eyes to the nuances of personality and how communication can really contribute to the success of personal and professional relationships. Even if you think you are in tune with your personality and tendencies, this process has revealed things to me that I previously hadn't uncovered in doing other personality typing exercises.  I think Anna has the perfect temperament to guide people through this process. I felt comfortable with her immediately and appreciated her delivery. Her skill set translated great from an individual to a group setting, and I really enjoyed the process as a whole.”