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About Anna…

I am your resource and certified coach (certified through Your Enneagram Coach)  for all things Enneagram in the Memphis, TN area. (My services can also be used virtually so you don’t have to be a Memphian to meet with me.)  I love coming alongside people to help them understand the Enneagram and apply it to gain a deeper awareness of themselves, what makes them tick, and their unique place in life, work, and relationships.

Through seeing the impact the Enneagram has made in my own life, I became interested in combining my 12 years of both teaching and ministry experience with my in-depth Enneagram knowledge to assist others. I have spent the last couple of years studying the Enneagram and its many applications so that I can use my expertise to coach people on their specific paths. I provide not only a safe and empathetic listening ear, but also practical, customized strategies, and exercises that help reverse unhealthy patterns and accelerate lasting transformation in life, work, and relationships.

I also specialize in teaching the Enneagram in both small and large group settings to enhance healthy and productive growth and collaboration.  The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can help further the work and mission of businesses, churches, ministry organizations, and educational institutions.

Whether you want to learn to use the concepts of the Enneagram to improve your life, strengthen your marriage and family relationships, or make your team, group, or organization more effective, I can be your experienced guide along the way.

About the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a map organized into 9 basic personality types, but it’s so much more than a test one might use to confirm their preferences, career path, or communication style. This system has been around for thousands of years, and it continues to grow in popularity as more and more people find it useful in understanding themselves and their specific behaviors and motivations. It is not just about what you think, feel, and do, but the why behind these behaviors, and the path to life-enhancing growth. Enneagram knowledge can be harnessed into personal and spiritual transformation, a deeper sense of purpose and healthier relationships.

The Enneagram teaches that there are 9 distinct ways of seeing and being in the world. Each person is hardwired to perceive themselves and others in a certain way and that wiring determines the motivations that drive them. There are many facets to this system, and the more you learn, the more valuable it will be in your life.

The 9 Enneagram Types are:


The Reformers


The Individualists


The Enthusiasts


The Helpers


The Observers


The Challengers


The Achievers


The Loyalists


The Peacemakers

The Enneagram framework has so many applications, not only for individuals, but also for couples, families, and even in business, ministry, and educational environments. I would love to partner with you to add value to your life, work, and interaction with others. No matter your station in life, I can guide you in the Enneagram and how to apply it to gain clarity, break free from negative patterns, and redirect yourself toward transformation and empowerment.