• Do you find that you work better with some colleagues than others?

  • Are you finding yourself in conflict with the same parent again and again?

  • Do you find that your principal is hard to get along with?

  • Do you want to show your students how deeply you care about them, but you feel like what you’re doing isn’t working?

  • Do you find yourself struggling with a certain aspect of your job resulting in extra stress?

After spending nearly a decade as an elementary school teacher, I know firsthand that every personality type has different strengths and learns and processes information differently. It can be challenging for educators to understand, empathize, and best serve the large number of people in which they come in contact with each day, from fellow teachers to administration to students to parents.

I wish I had known about the Enneagram while I was in the classroom because it adds so much value to educators as it is an efficient way to get to know how you and those around you “tick.” When we better understand ourselves and the “why” behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can use the insights to be more effective both inside the classroom and out. Likewise, when we fully understand the people we interact with every day, we can extend patience and compassion and have healthier and more cooperative relationships.

If you’re interested in learning and applying the framework of the Enneagram in your school or another educational setting, I can be your guide. I offer individual sessions, workshops, and faculty trainings to coach teachers on this powerful tool and to apply its concepts to be the most effective educators they can be.

Process & Pricing

Contact Anna for various session options + pricing.

Packages range from small groups of $20 a person to $3,000 depending on your school’s needs and the package you choose.

What Others Say

Susan, Educator Client

“This tool has given me such insight into myself and why I function the way that I do both in my classroom and at home. It has helped me to understand that my students and their parents (as well as my colleagues and administration) are seeing the world from a completely different perspective which has led to more cooperation and empathy. Just knowing this information has helped me even without knowing the “types” of all those around me. I highly recommend Anna’s help as she understands classroom dynamics as well as the Enneagram and how to present it in a way that is practical and relatable. I feel like I’ve gotten a “cheat sheet” when it comes to all of the relationships that I juggle on a daily basis in the school setting. I wish everyone in my school knew this stuff!”