Enneagram Coaching for Families

  • Do you have a hard time talking to your kids about important things?

  • Do you feel like you and your spouse are coming at this parenting thing from completely different angles?

  • Do you feel like there is a lot of misunderstanding between you and the rest of your family?

  • Are you having trouble getting along with your parents or siblings as adults?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can transform families in all ages and stages. From parenting to communication to conflict resolution, and even to healing from trauma and loss, it’s so beneficial to have a deeper understanding of both ourselves and the people we live and interact with every day.

 When we gain insight into our personalities and put words to the “why” behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions, it sets the stage for healthy growth. Likewise, when we truly know and empathize with the people closest to us, it can reverse the unhealthy patterns that keep our relationships from thriving, and even transform our family legacies.  

Whether your home is struggling, in the midst of conflict or transition, or you just want to strengthen relational dynamics, I can come alongside you to apply the Enneagram and its practical yet transformative framework  in your family.

Process & Pricing

  1. FIND your types (these sessions done individually with family members ages 18 and up):

30 minute session- $50

1 hour session -    $100

    2. LEARN more about the ways the Enneagram and your Types work (These sessions done as a family):

5 Two hour sessions at $150 each- $750

    3. APPLY the Enneagram to life situations (must have completed the 5 LEARN sessions) :

1 hour session- $130

2 hour session- $200

What Others Say

Alonzo, Family Coaching Client

“Anna’s coaching really helped me and my family understand and realize what Types we all are. At first, I was having trouble figuring out my number and how the Enneagram works. Through her coaching, Anna helped me to understand what it all meant and how it can help our family relate to each other better. Her coaching led to my learning and understanding of the Enneagram which then helped guide me and my family through the grief after losing my dad as we had to navigate our dynamics in some tense times. We’re grateful for the insight into how we all tick because it has helped alleviate some of the stress we have faced during this time.”