The Top 5 Reasons People Won't Stop Talking About the Enneagram


How many times have you been in a group of people and someone brings up the Enneagram? You have likely noticed a few different reactions in these instances…some people jump right in and share their obsession, others are completely confused, and others are annoyed that everyone around them is speaking this weird language that they know nothing about.

No matter where you stand on it, there are some reasons that this ancient personality tool has made it’s way into break rooms, Bible studies, classrooms, and cocktail parties around the globe.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Stop Talking About The Enneagram:

1.It’s just plain all around helpful.

Unlike other personality systems (though they can be helpful in their own ways!), the Enneagram is able to get to the WHY behind your behaviors. This is important because some people do similar actions but for different reasons. When you can start to see yourself falling into the same unhelpful patterns over and over again and understand WHY you’re doing that thing, then you can move towards healthier thoughts and actions. The Enneagram is helpful in this endeavor because it gives you a clear “map” to use in this process.

2. It gives you language for things you already know about yourself but can’t articulate.

Once you are clear on your type and really start to dive into the work of self-awareness, the Enneagram surprisingly gives you language and reason for things about yourself that you’ve never been quite able to pinpoint. You’ll start to see your patterns of thinking and behaving in a more tangible way, and you will be able to explain more clearly to yourself and others why these things continue to happen for you. You now have words to put on certain feelings and behavioral patterns that you’ve always had but haven’t been able to explain.

3. It helps you understand the people around you.

While you can’t “type” other people, the Enneagram can help you understand those around you just by knowing the 9 different perspectives that it teaches. You don’t even have to know everyone’s type (though it is helpful to know about those with whom you are in close relationship) to be able to extend grace and understanding that others may be coming to the same situation from a completely different point of view. Just having this knowledge allows you to take a step back and respond in better ways to others, especially when tensions are high. Learning how you are wired can help you interact better with others because you can watch for the ways your motivations and fears (as explained by the Enneagram) drive you to say and do certain things.

4. It shows you that the best things about you are also the worst things about you.

The Enneagram gives you freedom to be human. It points out how your best traits can, in unhealth, also be your worst traits. The system itself provides an objective look at both the gifts you bring to the world as well as the flaws you bring. This honest look at yourself allows you to admit more freely that you are in need of grace and healing while also embracing the ways in which you have been uniquely wired to bring the image of God to the world. The fact that the Enneagram takes the “whole person” into account makes it even more helpful.

5. It can be applied in all walks of life.

Whether you are working to improve your relationships with your spouse, your family, your kids, your co-workers, or your church members, the Enneagram is applicable. It’s such an all-encompassing tool that it allows for all sorts of relational dynamics to repair and grow. Its versatility is one of the main reasons people find it worth the work that is required to learn the Enneagram and to apply it to all areas of life!

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